X-DRY Splash 10" 25cm
X-DRY Hi-Hat 14" 36cm

They have a bright and smooth sound with rich overtones that do not blend into the sound too much. These cymbals produce soft or loud sounds without losing their tone.
Moreover, these top cymbals in the Mehteran series range from thin and crispy to thick and deep. These cymbals, available in a large selection, are a hit with beginners and seasoned musicians.


  • Thick cymbals create a rich sound
  • Brighter tone
  • Good for all settings
  • Suitable for a variety of styles
  • 14'' Hi Hat X-DRY
    14'' Hi Hat X-DRY
    14'' Hi Hat X-DRY
    20'' Hi Hat X-DRY
    16'' Crash X-DRY
    16'' Crash X-DRY
    17'' Crash X-DRY
    18'' Crash X-DRY
    19'' Crash X-DRY
    22'' Crash X-DRY
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    20'' Ride X-DRY
    21'' Ride X-DRY
    22'' Ride X-DRY
    22'' Ride X-DRY