AYASOFYA China 18" 45cm
AYASOFYA Hi-Hat 14" 36cm
AYASOFYA Splash 10" 25cm

Ayasofya cymbals are our classic design, inspired by our beloved historic cathedral in Istanbul. The Ayasofya series designs provide the best performance for all drummers. Ayasofya cymbals feature a raw bell, large ball hammering, and are fully lathed underneath. It creates a beautiful balance of vibrant and dry tones. Crashes are loud with quick decay. Stick tone is dry, bright, and fast. Its bright tone has a significant presence in any style of music. The cymbals also have a brilliant sound combined with excellent musicality. They are suitable for any drum set.


  • boast great attention to detail
  • brilliant sound
  • vivid and high-quality sound
  • perfect finish
  • 14'' Hi-Hat Ayasofya
    14'' Hi Hat AYASOFYA
    16'' Hi Hat Ayasofya
    16'' Hi Hat AYASOFYA
    14'' Crash Ayasofya
    14'' Crash AYASOFYA
    16'' Crash Ayasofya
    16'' Crash AYASOFYA
    18'' Crash AYASOFYA
    18'' Crash AYASOFYA
    19'' Crash AYASOFYA
    19'' Crash AYASOFYA
    20'' Crash AYASOFYA
    16'' China AYASOFYA
    18'' China AYASOFYA
    20'' China AYASOFYA
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