RAIN Hi-Hat 14" 36cm

Mehteran's Rain cymbals are inspired by the sometimes gentle, and other times powerful, qualities of rain. Rain cymbals feature our custom process, with a unique small raindrop hammer pattern, top spiral lathing, and fully lathed on bottom. These cymbals have excellent warm sustain and great musicality. The RAIN Mehteran Cymbal series has a very quick, musical, bright ping that easily cuts through everything else in your mix. Crashes can sound thunderous or calm. Stick tone is crisp and focused. If you want to be creative with these Mehteran cymbals, you can place them in the middle of a song that features other instruments playing softly and then shake/move them around to create water sounds for extra effect, try a set of Rain cymbals today!


  • unique rain sound
  • complement other sounds easily
  • durable
  • 14'' Hi Hat RAIN
    14'' Hi Hat RAIN
    15'' Hi Hat RAİN
    15" Hi Hat, 20" Crash, 22" Ride RAİN
    16'' Hi Hat RAIN
    16'' Hi Hat RAIN
    14'' Light Hi Hat RAIN
    15'' Hi Hat RAIN
    16'' Thin Crash RAIN
    18'' Crash RAIN
    18'' Crash 2 RAIN
    18'' Crash RAİN
    18'' Thin Crash RAİN
    19'' Crash RAIN
    20'' Crash RAİN
    20'' Thin Crash RAİN
    18'' China RAIN
    20'' Ride RAIN
    21'' Medium Ride RAIN
    22'' Ride RAİN
    22'' Ride RAIN
    22'' Ride RAIN
    RAIN Set 22'' Ride, 20'' 18'' 16'' Crash, 15'' Hi Hat
    24'' Ride RAIN